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Pre-order TRIALS ~ Book 7 - Tin Star K9 Series (EBOOK)

Pre-order TRIALS ~ Book 7 - Tin Star K9 Series (EBOOK)

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A US Marshal Thriller - Book 7 -  EBOOK

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Coming March 28, 2024

Driven by love and a fierce determination to find Renegade and bring him home, Caitlyn and Colt navigate a web of deceit and danger, uncovering a shocking conspiracy. As they delve deeper, they encounter ruthless adversaries.

Amidst the race to rescue Renegade, Caitlyn harbors a deep debilitating grief over the heartbreaking loss. As she fights to recover, Colt's anger and grief threaten to consume him as well, but their love and shared determination to bring Renegade home keeps them moving forward.

Caitlyn and Colt will risk everything to rescue Renegade. Along the way, they rediscover their resilience, heal their broken hearts, and find solace in their unwavering bond.

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