Collection: US Marshal Thrillers - Paperbacks

US Marshal Thriller Series

Immerse yourself in the suspense-filled saga of Dirk Sterling, a hardened US Deputy Marshal, in the exciting US Marshal Thriller Series. Navigating the dangerous and untamed wilds of Montana, Sterling, with his young and ambitious partner, Hank Flannigan, work to hunt down the country's most ruthless fugitives. Every day is a lesson in survival and strategy as Sterling imparts his gritty wisdom to his greenhorn partner, teaching him not only how to survive but thrive in this treacherous job.

The tension intensifies as Sterling battles his personal demons, caught in a precarious dance with his beautiful boss, Chief Emory Grey, and his tangled feelings for Laurie Dillinger, the lovely widow of his deceased partner.

Experience the adrenaline rush, mystery, and thrills in 'The US Marshal Thriller Series,' where every page crackles with unyielding action, rugged landscapes, and raw emotions.