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Pre-order WITSEC ~ Book 4 - A US Marshal Thriller (EBOOK)

Pre-order WITSEC ~ Book 4 - A US Marshal Thriller (EBOOK)

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The Bennington’s appear to be the all-American dream family until their daughter, Melissa, witnesses the chilling murder of her closest friends. Forced to flee from the ruthless killers, the entire family enters the federal witness protection program.

Assigned to safeguard the Bennington’s in their new life in Billings, Dirk Sterling and his US Marshals team anticipate a routine assignment. However, their task takes a dangerous turn when a trio of assassins descends upon the town with one objective: to eliminate Melissa.

As the chaos unfolds, Dirk and his partner Hank find themselves confronting a daunting challenge. In the history of the Witness Protection Program, no witnesses who have followed the rules have ever been found. The question is who broke the rules that led the killers to Billings. With bullets whizzing, Dirk and Hank must defy the odds to shield the family from a fate that could mark the program's first epic failure.

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