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Pre-order SPEC OPS K9 ~ Book 8 ~ Tin Star K9 Series EBOOK

Pre-order SPEC OPS K9 ~ Book 8 ~ Tin Star K9 Series EBOOK

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A US Marshal K9 - Ebook

In this heart-pounding saga, Caitlyn Reed and her fearless K9 partner, Renegade, are handpicked by the US Deputy Marshal Special Operations Group. Their mission: to join the ranks of the most elite forces and tackle the deadliest threats facing the nation. For Caitlyn, it's not just a career opportunity; it's a chance to escape the anguish of her personal turmoil back in Moose Creek.

But as Caitlyn grapples with grief, her husband, Sheriff Colt Branson, harbors suspicions about her relationship with the town doctor, Blake Kennedy. With emotions running high, doubts fester, and trust hangs by a thread. Will Caitlyn's past with Blake jeopardize everything?

As Caitlyn undergoes grueling assessments with the USMS SOG unit, she's thrust into a high-stakes battle against a ruthless drug smuggling operation. From the treacherous US/Mexican border to the wilds of Montana, Caitlyn and Renegade must unleash their unparalleled skills to dismantle the criminal empire flooding the nation with lethal narcotics.

In a race against time, Caitlyn must summon unwavering focus and strength to confront the drug kingpins threatening to tear her nation apart. But as the pressure mounts, will her shattered heart betray her, leaving her vulnerable to the merciless grip of the cartel?

SPEC OPS K9 is a pulse-pounding thriller of courage, betrayal, and the ultimate test of resilience in the face of danger.

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