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Sdg Publishing, LLC

Bloodline ~ Tin Star K9 Series - Book 5 (Paperback)

Bloodline ~ Tin Star K9 Series - Book 5 (Paperback)

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A US Marshal K9 Thriller

 Bloodline - Paperback

When her personal life spins out of control, Deputy US Marshal Caitlyn Reed is quick to volunteer for a case hunting a murderous fugitive in another state, far from home. She and Renegade escape the tangle of relational issues and jump into a forthright battle against crime.

Sheriff Colt Branson must grapple with the shock of family turmoil and an absent fiancée. While dealing with emotional upheaval in his world, Colt continues his search for the murderer of a local father and son that took place in Moose Creek months ago. His investigation uncovers the killer’s connection to a New York crime syndicate.

When Caitlyn suddenly falls off the radar, Colt risks everything to find her. He has nothing to go on besides Renegade and Caitlyn’s abandoned truck. Colt joins forces with the Reed brothers and a team of US Marshals led by Caitlyn’s mentor, Dirk Sterling. Together, their unit has the combined skill and manpower, but will they get to her in time?

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Paperback  294 Pages
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
Publishing Date August 21, 2022
Publisher SDG Publishing, LLC
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