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Concealed Cargo ~ FBI K9 Series - Book 3 - Signed Paperback

Concealed Cargo ~ FBI K9 Series - Book 3 - Signed Paperback

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When Special Agent Clay Jennings and his K9 partner, Ranger, take to the streets of Denver to fight human trafficking, he is shocked by the inordinate number of stolen innocents who’ve been forced into the sex trade. With each new face, his resolve to help these children escape their personal horror grows stronger.

El Clark, a social worker who dedicates her life to rescuing exploited kids from the streets, works valiantly to locate their families or find them a safe place to live while they recuperate. She understands the plight of these young victims more than anyone knows.When these two champions of enslaved children team up, they discover a web of deviant corruption that reaches into the upper echelons of US politics and society.

Adding to the nightmare, a vicious serial killer focused on murdering female prostitutes threatens to pull Clay and El away from unearthing the man behind the treacherous, Colorado-based, child prostitution ring. For Clay, working to solve these crimes is like taking one step forward and three back until El shares her story with him. Inspired by her bravery and fortitude, he is re-committed to the fight for justice.

Clay and El battle against a mountain power and money the height of which they’d never conceived and end up building a strong bond with one another along the way. El teaches Clay that every life they change matters—that they must do what they can, even when it’s only one child at a time.

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 Paperback 258 Pages
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
ISBN 978-1-7336431-6-0
Publishing Date September 17, 2020
Publisher SDG Publishing, LLC
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