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Danger In The Hills ~ Flint River Series - Book 3 (Signed Paperback)

Danger In The Hills ~ Flint River Series - Book 3 (Signed Paperback)

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Special Agent Jack Stone leads an FBI contingent raiding a neo-Nazi compound in northern Idaho. The fanatics are responsible for the attempted bombing of an elementary school in Chicago. When the dust settles, the team realizes the group’s two leaders have escaped. Gone also, is an unaccounted for, mysterious beauty whom Jack noticed on the grounds that morning.

Jack and his partner Rick, along with an FBI search squad, track the fugitives into the deep woods. It is imperative they capture the neo-Nazi leaders before they reestablish their terrorist plot. Jack must also discover the unknown woman’s identity, and determine what part she plays in the extremist organization.

Separated from his team, Jack forges on alone, unwilling to risk losing the murderous leaders. He is hot on their trial when a brutal blizzard hits the mountains. Jack is caught in the storm—wounded and unprepared. Just as Jack loses consciousness, he glimpses her—the enigmatic woman. But is she friend or foe?

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 Paperback 245 Pages
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
ISBN 978-1-7336431-3-9
Publishing Date November 4, 2019
Publisher SDG Publisher, LLC
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