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Flint River Series Bundle - Ebook Bundle

Flint River Series Bundle - Ebook Bundle

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  • The Flint River Series

    Welcome to Flint River, a small town in the hills of
    Montana. Join the thrilling action with the Stone brothers, Cade, Trent, and
    Jack, as they battle against evil to protect their way of life and the women
    they love.

    You'll love this western suspense series!

  • RUN FOR THE HILLS - Flint River Series Book 1

    Cade recently returned from the war in Afghanistan. While he was away, his wife left him and dumped their daughter off with his grandmother. The last time he saw his kid, she was having a tea party with her dolls. Sadie is in high school now and he has no idea how to handle her.

    Cade Stobne has enough trouble dealing with his nightmares and sudden flashes of brutal anger. Losing himself in a bottle of booze has been had been his favorite hideout... until recently.

    His brother, Trent, picked up some stray woman who turned out to be a therapist who works with horses and teens. But now, she wants to work on him.

    Joscelyn Turner’s life is torn apart when she flees a deranged stalker who terrorized her night and day. Seeking refuge in a small Montana town, she befriends the Stone family and is welcomed into their local ranching community.

    However, her newfound sense of security and belonging are rocked when her deadly past comes calling. Only this time, it’s not only Joscelyn's life that's on the line.

    Will Joscelyn reveal her deadly secrets in time to protect those she’s come to love?

    If you like roller-coaster whirls of emotions and the thrill of gripping tension you will love Run For The Hills.

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    Or grab the whole series! 
  • HIDDEN IN THE HILLS - Flint River Series Book 2

    Trent Stone has loved Tonya Anderson since they were kids, but they can't seem to make a relationship work. For one thing, Trent has never seen a woman he didn't want to flirt with and for another, Tonya has a mean jealous streak. They've decided to call it quits.

    When a charming but secretive hitch-hiker arrives on the scene, he sets big hearted Tonya on a collision course she never imagined. In her desire to lend him a hand, she introduces the stranger to her hometown of Flint River. Soon after this charismatic man arrives, random petty thefts escalate to murder.

    Trent doesn’t trust the new guy. His suspicion forces a revealing confrontation that ultimately places both his and Tonya’s lives on the line. Will Trent discover the truth and overcome his issues with Tonya in time to keep her from becoming the next victim?

    If you like well-developed characters and deadly battles between good and evil, you will love Hidden In The Hills!

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    Or grab the whole series! 
  • DANGER IN THE HILLS - Flint River Series Book 3

    The youngest and estranged Stone brother, Jack, returns home all grown up. While he was away from the ranch he spent time in the ARmy and is now a special agent for the FBI.

    He leads an FBI contingent on a raid of a neo-Nazi compound in northern Idaho. The fanatics he's after are responsible for the attempted bombing of an elementary school in Chicago.

    When the dust settles, the team realizes the group’s two leaders have escaped. Gone also, is an unaccounted for, mysterious beauty whom Jack noticed on the grounds that morning. He and his partner Rick, along with an FBI search squad, track the fugitives into the deep woods. It is imperative they capture the neo-Nazi leaders before they reestablish their terrorist plot. Jack must also discover the unknown woman’s identity, and determine what part she plays in the extremist organization.

    Jack becomes separated from his team, so he forges on alone, unwilling to risk losing the murderous leaders. He is hot on their trial when a brutal blizzard hits the mountains. Jack is caught in the storm—wounded and unprepared for the severe weather. Just as he loses consciousness, Jack glimpses her—the enigmatic woman. But is she friend or foe?

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  • A FLINT RIVER CHRISTMAS -Flint River Series Epilogue Novella

    Mary Stone raised her three grandsons and has the emotional scars to prove it.

    A Flint River Christmas is her story.

    For the first time in over ten years, the entire Stone family is home in Flint River for Christmas. Mary Stone couldn’t be happier.

    The holiday season brings her a new love as well, in the form of Elijah Jefferson.

    Everything is as it should be until a young woman goes
    missing and there is a robbery at the Gem Emporium. Mary never could have imagined the events that took place over of the next several days, nor did she know how necessary her particular brand of wisdom would be.

    But she finds it’s never too late for love or intrigue.

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    Or grab the whole series!