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Mile High Mayhem ~ FBI K9 Series - Book 4 - Signed Paperback

Mile High Mayhem ~ FBI K9 Series - Book 4 - Signed Paperback

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FBI Agent Logan Reed specializes in explosives. He can track and defuses almost any incendiary device…

Except for the one buried deep inside his soul.

Home from Afghanistan now for two years, Logan has secured the perfect assignment on the FBI-K9 Bomb Squad in Denver. His new partner, a Belgian Malinois named Gunner, is an expertly trained bomb-sniffing dog. He’s everything a handler could hope for, except he’s not Lobo.

Agent Addison Thorne, a Bomb Technician at the top of her game, doesn’t trust the new guy. He’s too quiet and never goes out with the crew for a beer after work. There’s just something about him that makes her nervous, and nerves aren’t what a bomb-tech likes to feel.

Tasked with finding a bomber on the loose in the Mile-high city, the explosives team must figure out who is planting the bombs and why before the civilian casualties skyrocket. Will they find all the bombs before panic ensues and they are forced to evacuate the capital?

When Reed finds himself in a situation mirroring his painful past, he locks up. Will Thorne be able to snap him back to the present before it’s too late? Can he hold it together or will he fail once again?

Either way, his own life and that of Thorne and Gunner could come to a fiery end.

If you love explosive action thrillers, you will love Mile High Mayhem. Order your PAPERBACK copy today!

 Paperback 258 Pages
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
ISBN 978-1-7336431-7-7
Publishing Date December 29, 2020
Publisher SDG Publishing, LLC
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