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Pre-order REDEMPTION ~ ~ Book 3 - A US Marshal Thriller (EBOOK)

Pre-order REDEMPTION ~ ~ Book 3 - A US Marshal Thriller (EBOOK)

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A US Marshal Thriller - EBOOK

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In the heart-pounding thriller, REDEMPTION, US Marshal Dirk Sterling faces his most challenging mission yet: capturing the elusive fugitive, Beaux Crandall. Crandall, a criminal with a rap sheet that chills the spine, escaped a life sentence in a Federal Supermax and is now living life somewhere on a beach where he continues his reign of terror: dealing in drugs, guns, and child pornography. Dirk pledges to hunt him down and bring him back to the United States to face justice.

To make matters worse, Dirk isn’t sure whom he can trust. Someone on the inside of either the US Marshal Service or the FBI had to have helped Crandall escape. Dirk feels personally responsible for not discovering the mole before Crandall was set free on the world to harm more innocent people. To redeem himself, Dirk must apprehend Crandall and put behind bars for life.

Dirk is determined to end Crandall's evil reign, but the fugitive's location remains a mystery. However, a glimmer of hope appears when Dirk discovers that Crandall's only weakness may be the love he still harbors for his deceased bodyguard and friend's mother, who resides in Mexico City.

In this electrifying tale of love, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of justice, REDEMPTION takes readers on a thrilling journey where the bonds of friendship, the depths of love, and the quest for retribution converge in an explosive climax that will leave you breathless.

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